River Oaks Properties is El Paso’s premier commercial real estate developer. Our team members provide support for tenants and help build our business. Open positions within our team are listed below.

Personal Accountant / Real Estate Tax Tracking
Employment Type:
Full Time
Minimum Experience:
Responsibilities and Qualifications:

OBJECTIVE: PA; Responsible for all personal, confidential, general, and administrative duties for Executive Chairman. A/R Audit, Assists the VP Finance and Accounting Managers with various projects related to the accounting functions of the Company.


Liaise with external organizations, suppliers, contractors, bankers, attorneys, CPA and agencies, i.e., utility companies, taxing entities and insurance companies Process payments as directed and prepare/maintain annual budget Reconcile bank accounts Transmit positive pay files to bank, review and approve exceptions as needed. Prepares reports by collecting and analyzing information, personal payables Basic bookkeeping and/or expense tracking to include tax information provided to the CPA

Assist with family members’ business reporting – SunSplash, Kickpin, o SunSplash – monthly financial preparation, monthly/quarterly sales tax preparation, Corporate Business Status Filing, Annual worker’s compensation audit, and Year-End Preparation to CPA

o Kickpin - monthly financial preparation, payable processing, monthly sales tax reporting, and Year-End preparation to CPA

Assist with personal and special projects as needed • Other duties as assigned

Responsible for Real Estate Tax Portfolio Tracking/Management

First Quarter

Runs individual rent rolls as of January 1st using report scheduler and

forwards to tax consultants

Provides pictures to tax consultants of construction projects as of January 1st.

Second Quarter

Receives tax notices, inputs into excel template and imports intoYardi,

Forwards notices to national tenants

Reconciles new notices to bills that have been split, verifies that all tax notices

have been received.

Prepares for initial tax meeting, prepares spreadsheets, forwards land info to

Director of Marketing for individual land aerials and summary aerial Maintains Mr. Rubin’s tax books containing tax bill, board order, notice,

target income statement and aerial for land

Attends tax meeting taking notes on items to be addressed, sends meeting

recap on outstanding issues Third Quarter

Receives board orders and enters the final board order into Yardi.

Sets up meeting with tax consultants and attorney for lawsuit


Maintains list of pending lawsuits

Fourth Quarter

Receives tax bills, inputs into Yardi, forwards bills to tenants who pay direct

and to lenders who pay the bills through escrow

Oversees processing of checks and recording of taxes paid from escrow

Prepares and reconciles quarterly consulting fees and approves billings for upcoming year.

Records tax journal entry for annual tax reconciliations and scans tax bills and check in shared drive for back up to reconciliation

Prepares tax allocation worksheets for properties that do not have the tax bills split out

Keeps track of separation deeds and tax bills that need to be split. Gives information to and follows up with tax authority to make sure bills are split

Prepares for final tax meeting, prepares spreadsheets, forwards land info to Director of Marketing for individual land aerials and summary aerial

Attends final tax meeting for check signing, sends meeting recap on outstanding issues

Sets up meeting with City to personally deliver the checks and waits for receipts.

Other associated tasks as assigned by VP Finance or Accounting Managers

Minimum Education & Experience Requirements

Bachelor’s degree or the equivalent professional experience will be considered • 5 + years’ experience as a personal or high-level administrative support in a professional environment required.

Minimum Knowledge, Skills & Abilities (KSA)

Must be organized, diligent, possess strong communication skills, personable, able to thrive in a fast-paced environment. Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and Quick Books required. • Maintains employer’s privacy by keeping information confidential. Excellent oral and written communication skills.

Questions or comments may be directed to our Human Resources Manager.

Linda Kleinhans